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Welcome to IAPCI!

A volunteer executive board of directors establishes policy and provides oversight. The board members serve without compensation and are dedicated men and women who serve in the public safety and loss prevention comminutes.

PCI prides it's self to treat all specialized investigations groups equally. All members are given a fair and equal chance to serve on the board.  The board strives to have members from all different property crime investigation fields such as auto theft, burglary, identity theft, metal theft, pawnshop, and retail crime, etc., to name a few.

Members in or out of law enforcement have a fair and equal opportunity to become president of the association.  Currently the president is from the retail industry, but IAPCI strives to have all specialized investigation groups  seek to serve on the board or run for president.

Some organizations treat non-law enforcement members differently; forGroup photo cops & loss prevention example if you're not a law enforcement investigator then you can only be an associate member meaning you're not equal to the law enforcement member.    IAPCI takes great pride in valuing all members equally regardless if they are in law enforcement or not.

PCI presents an annual national property crime investigations conference. This conference is designed for all types of property crime investigators, regardless of your specialized field. A wide variety of property crime investigation topics are presented. This is a great way for all investigators to come together to learn, share and network!

We also present specialized training seminars held throughout the United States. All seminars are two days in length.  Check the training calendar often for availability. PCI is the number one resource for property crime investigations!

*Photo (left to right) PCI Treasurer, Detective Leo A. Carter of the Milwaukee Police Department networking with PCI President, Loss Prevention Specialist Daniel R. Mailhiot.

The National Authority on Property Crime!

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