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Law Enforcement

We welcome all law enforcement globally who investigate property crime including but not limited to members of the following Federal, State, Provincial, Tribal and Local Law Enforcement Units:

Please use your work email address when signing up to help verify your employment.  You can change it to your personal email address once you are approved. Please don't use ALL CAPS.
Agricultural Crimes Unit
Anti-Fencing Squad
Anti-Graffiti Unit
Arson Unit
Art Theft Unit
Auto Theft Unit
Burglary Squad
Cargo Theft Unit
Computer Crimes Unit
Crime Analysts Unit
Crime Prevention Unit
Criminal Justice Academia
District Investigations
Environmental Crimes Unit
Financial Crimes Unit
Firearms Investigations Unit
General Investigations Unit
Property Crimes Unit
Identity Theft Unit
Licensing & Permits Unit
Major Theft Task Forces
Metal Theft Unit
Organized Retail Crime Unit
Pawnshop Unit
Peddlers Unit
Property Recovery Unit
Insurance Fraud Unit
Intelligence Unit
Street Enforcement Teams
State Attorney's Investigators
Surveillance Unit

All federal, state, local, government employees including any full time law enforcement personnel sworn or non-sworn including military police and certain non-profit organizations such as NICB are welcome.

Private Industry (Asset Protection - Corporate Security - Loss Prevention)

We welcome professionals globally from certain private industry areas including but not limited to members of the following; corporate security, public utilities, loss prevention, asset protection, retail crime, organized retail crime and insurance industry (SIU) special investigation unit investigators from publicly traded corporations*:

Anti-Piracy Investigator
Asset Protection Investigators
Asset Protection Team Leaders
Associate Investigator
Brand Protection Manager
Corporate Security Director
Corporate Security Investigator
Corporate Security Manager
Director of Asset Protection
Director of Loss Prevention
Director of Special Investigations
District Loss Prevention Supervisor
District Security Manager
Field Investigator
Fraud Investigator
Insurance Investigator

Law Enforcement Liaison
Loss Prevention Crime Analysis
Loss Prevention Field Coordinator
Loss Prevention Investigator
Loss Prevention Manager
Manager of Special Investigations
Market Investigations
Organized Retail Crimes Investigator
Regional  Loss Prevention Manager
Retail Crimes Investigator
Senior Corporate Security Investigator
Senior Investigator
Special Investigations Unit
Supervisor of Organized Retail Crimes

Please use your work email address when signing up to help verify your employment.  You can change it to your personal email address once you are approved.  Only persons who are approved for membership will be notified by email.  We do not notify persons who are not approved.  Remember membership is not open for investigation and security companies.

Membership is not open to protective services, security guard, investigation and security companies; bounty hunters; private detective agencies; private detectives; person(s) or employees of companies, including active or retired law enforcement officers when their company facilitates and or is involved in any way with the transaction, acquisition, sale, trade or auction of metals or secondhand goods. Also membership is not open to person(s) including active or retired law enforcement officers or any employees of a company who sell or provide free products or services designed for the law enforcement and or loss prevention communities. Membership is not open to retired law enforcement officers unless they were a member before their retirement.

* Investigators from non publicly traded corporations will be reviewed on a case by case review by our board of directors.

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